The ZCommon.h header contains types, enums and constants shared by various classes in Tui Widgets.

class Tui

This is actually a namespace.

class Tui::Misc

This is actually a namespace.

enum Tui::ZItemDataRole
enumerator LeftDecorationRole

Item role used with Tui::ZListView to indicate the contents of the left decoration.

Type: QString

enumerator LeftDecorationFgRole

Item role used with Tui::ZListView to indicate the foreground color of the left decoration.

Type: Tui::ZColor

enumerator LeftDecorationBgRole

Item role used with Tui::ZListView to indicate the background color of the left decoration.

Type: Tui::ZColor

enumerator LeftDecorationSpaceRole

Item role used with Tui::ZListView to indicate amount of space between the left decoration (if any) and the item text.

Type: int

enum class Tui::CursorStyle
enumerator Unset

Use terminal default cursor style

enumerator Block

Use block cursor style if supported

enumerator Underline

Use underline cursor style if supported

enumerator Bar

Use bar cursor style if supported

using Tui::ZTextAttributes = QFlags<Tui::ZTextAttribute>
enum class Tui::ZTextAttribute
enumerator Bold
enumerator Italic
enumerator Blink
enumerator Overline
enumerator Inverse
enumerator Strike
enumerator Underline
enumerator UnderlineDouble
enumerator UnderlineCurly
static constexpr int Tui::Erased = 127

Character value for the special erased state.

On supported terminals trailing erased cells in a line will not add whitespace when copying text from the terminal.

class Tui::WithMarkupTag
constexpr Tui::WithMarkupTag Tui::withMarkup{}

Marker tag for overloads using markup for the following string arguement.

Aliases from Qt

Tui Widgets shares some enums with Qt. For many enums commonly used with widgets they are reexported in Tui namespace for more consistent usage. In some cases Qt defines more choices than what is supported with Tui Widgets, in these cases only the supported choices are reexported here.

using Tui::CheckState = Qt::CheckState
enumerator Tui::Unchecked = Qt::Unchecked
enumerator Tui::PartiallyChecked = Qt::PartiallyChecked
enumerator Tui::Checked = Qt::Checked
using Tui::KeyboardModifier = Qt::KeyboardModifier
using Tui::KeyboardModifiers = Qt::KeyboardModifiers
enumerator Tui::NoModifier = Qt::NoModifier
enumerator Tui::ShiftModifier = Qt::ShiftModifier
enumerator Tui::AltModifier = Qt::AltModifier
enumerator Tui::ControlModifier = Qt::ControlModifier
enumerator Tui::KeypadModifier = Qt::KeypadModifier
using Tui::Key = Qt::Key
enumerator Tui::Key_0 = Qt::Key_0
enumerator Tui::Key_1 = Qt::Key_1
enumerator Tui::Key_2 = Qt::Key_2
enumerator Tui::Key_3 = Qt::Key_3
enumerator Tui::Key_4 = Qt::Key_4
enumerator Tui::Key_5 = Qt::Key_5
enumerator Tui::Key_6 = Qt::Key_6
enumerator Tui::Key_7 = Qt::Key_7
enumerator Tui::Key_8 = Qt::Key_8
enumerator Tui::Key_9 = Qt::Key_9
enumerator Tui::Key_Backspace = Qt::Key_Backspace
enumerator Tui::Key_Delete = Qt::Key_Delete
enumerator Tui::Key_Down = Qt::Key_Down
enumerator Tui::Key_End = Qt::Key_End
enumerator Tui::Key_Enter = Qt::Key_Enter
enumerator Tui::Key_Escape = Qt::Key_Escape
enumerator Tui::Key_F1 = Qt::Key_F1
enumerator Tui::Key_F2 = Qt::Key_F2
enumerator Tui::Key_F3 = Qt::Key_F3
enumerator Tui::Key_F4 = Qt::Key_F4
enumerator Tui::Key_F5 = Qt::Key_F5
enumerator Tui::Key_F6 = Qt::Key_F6
enumerator Tui::Key_F7 = Qt::Key_F7
enumerator Tui::Key_F8 = Qt::Key_F8
enumerator Tui::Key_F9 = Qt::Key_F9
enumerator Tui::Key_F10 = Qt::Key_F10
enumerator Tui::Key_F11 = Qt::Key_F11
enumerator Tui::Key_F12 = Qt::Key_F12
enumerator Tui::Key_Home = Qt::Key_Home
enumerator Tui::Key_Insert = Qt::Key_Insert
enumerator Tui::Key_Left = Qt::Key_Left
enumerator Tui::Key_Menu = Qt::Key_Menu
enumerator Tui::Key_Minus = Qt::Key_Minus
enumerator Tui::Key_PageDown = Qt::Key_PageDown
enumerator Tui::Key_PageUp = Qt::Key_PageUp
enumerator Tui::Key_Period = Qt::Key_Period
enumerator Tui::Key_Plus = Qt::Key_Plus
enumerator Tui::Key_Right = Qt::Key_Right
enumerator Tui::Key_Space = Qt::Key_Space
enumerator Tui::Key_Tab = Qt::Key_Tab
enumerator Tui::Key_Up = Qt::Key_Up
enumerator Tui::Key_division = Qt::Key_division
enumerator Tui::Key_multiply = Qt::Key_multiply
enumerator Tui::Key_unknown = Qt::Key_unknown
using Tui::FocusReason = Qt::FocusReason
enumerator Tui::TabFocusReason = Qt::TabFocusReason
enumerator Tui::BacktabFocusReason = Qt::BacktabFocusReason
enumerator Tui::ActiveWindowFocusReason = Qt::ActiveWindowFocusReason
enumerator Tui::ShortcutFocusReason = Qt::ShortcutFocusReason
enumerator Tui::OtherFocusReason = Qt::OtherFocusReason
using Tui::FocusPolicy = Qt::FocusPolicy
enumerator Tui::NoFocus = Qt::NoFocus
enumerator Tui::StrongFocus = Qt::StrongFocus
enumerator Tui::TabFocus = Qt::TabFocus
using Tui::Alignment = Qt::Alignment
enumerator Tui::AlignHorizontal_Mask = Qt::AlignHorizontal_Mask
enumerator Tui::AlignLeft = Qt::AlignLeft
enumerator Tui::AlignRight = Qt::AlignRight
enumerator Tui::AlignVertical_Mask = Qt::AlignVertical_Mask
enumerator Tui::AlignTop = Qt::AlignTop
enumerator Tui::AlignBottom = Qt::AlignBottom
enumerator Tui::AlignVCenter = Qt::AlignVCenter
enumerator Tui::AlignHCenter = Qt::AlignHCenter
using Tui::ShortcutContext = Qt::ShortcutContext
enumerator Tui::WidgetShortcut = Qt::WidgetShortcut
enumerator Tui::WindowShortcut = Qt::WindowShortcut
enumerator Tui::ApplicationShortcut = Qt::ApplicationShortcut
enumerator Tui::WidgetWithChildrenShortcut = Qt::WidgetWithChildrenShortcut
using Tui::Edges = Qt::Edges
enumerator Tui::TopEdge = Qt::TopEdge
enumerator Tui::LeftEdge = Qt::LeftEdge
enumerator Tui::RightEdge = Qt::RightEdge
enumerator Tui::BottomEdge = Qt::BottomEdge

Private Types

class Tui::Private::ZMoFunc<void(QEvent*)>
class Tui::Private::ZMoFunc<bool()>

This private type is used to store callable objects internally.

class Tui::Private

Namespace for private objects.

Do not use members of this namespace in application code.

class uint32_t

Figure out how to suppress missing type warning regarding this