class Tui::ZBasicWindowFacet : public Tui::ZWindowFacet

A basic implementation of Tui::ZWindowFacet.

This class implements more features for the Tui::ZWindowFacet facet.

It reimplements void Tui::ZWindowFacet::autoPlace(const QSize &available, ZWidget *self) to allow more options for auto placement. The placement is controlled using void setDefaultPlacement(Tui::Alignment align, QPoint displace).

void setDefaultPlacement(Tui::Alignment align, QPoint displace)

Sets the placement to use when not in manually placed mode.

Aligenment options supported are combinations of one of either Tui::AlignLeft, Tui::AlignRight or Tui::AlignHCenter and one of either Tui::AlignTop, Tui::AlignBottom or Tui::AlignVCenter.

Additionally add a displacement from the alignment by displace cells to the bottom-right.

void setExtendViewport(bool extend)

Sets the return value of bool Tui::ZWindowFacet::isExtendViewport() const.