class Tui::ZTextStyle

This class is copyable and movable. It does define comparison operators for equality.

A container to combine foreground color, background color and text attributes.


ZTextStyle(Tui::ZColor fg, Tui::ZColor bg)
ZTextStyle(Tui::ZColor fg, Tui::ZColor bg, Tui::ZTextAttributes attributes)

Construct an instance of the class using the given parameters as colors and if given as attributes.

If no attributes are given, all attributes are cleared.


Tui::ZColor foregroundColor() const
void setForegroundColor(const Tui::ZColor &foregroundColor)

Get or set the stored foreground color.

Tui::ZColor backgroundColor() const
void setBackgroundColor(const Tui::ZColor &backgroundColor)

Get or set the stored background color.

Tui::ZTextAttributes attributes() const
void setAttributes(Tui::ZTextAttributes attributes)

Get or set the stored attributes.