• _images/label.tpi.a37b152403.png

    Checkbox with text “CheckBox”

  • _images/label-focus.tpi.1b9dff34af.png

    reflecting focus of “buddy” widget

  • _images/label-disabled.tpi.4ec66d9393.png

    in disabled state

  • _images/label-color.tpi.27f8d7f968.png

    with custom palette

  • _images/label-buddy.tpi.57a4366a7b.png

    with “buddy” input box

Labels display user interface text in a dialog. They are often used to label other widgets and if setup with a “buddy” widget also serve to show focus for that widget. For example Tui::ZInputBox and Tui::ZListView do not display focus indication themselves and can be augmented with a label to show focus.

In contract to a label the Tui::ZTextLine does not reserve a cell as focus indicator and doesn’t have support for a “buddy” widget or showing a keyboard shortcut.

See also: Tui::ZTextLine


Tui::ZLabel *label = new Tui::ZLabel(Tui::withMarkup, "<m>F</m>ilename", dialog);
Tui::ZInputBox *textinput = new Tui::ZInputBox(dialog);

Keyboard Usage



Alt + (setup mnemonic)

Focus the label’s “buddy” widget.


Labels by default don’t accept focus, are one cell high and have a preferred vertical layout policy. The size request of a label is the length of the text plus 1 cells plus the contents margins.

The effective enabled/disabled status for its visual appearance is the logical-AND combination of both its own status and the “buddy” widget’s status (if a buddy is set).

For its visual appearance the relevant focus status is that of its “buddy” widget, if there is no “buddy” widget, the label will always appear as unfocused.

The shortcut from the label’s markup is used to focus the “buddy” widget.


Palette Color


control.fg, control.bg

Body of the label (active, unfocused)

control.focused.fg, control.focused.bg

Body of the label (active, focused)

control.disabled.fg, control.disabled.bg

Body of the label (disabled)

control.shortcut.fg, control.shortcut.bg

Shortcut character in label text.


class Tui::ZLabel : public Tui::ZWidget

A label widget.


ZLabel(const QString &text, Tui::ZWidget *parent = nullptr)
ZLabel(WithMarkupTag, const QString &markup, Tui::ZWidget *parent = nullptr)

Create the label with the given text or markup.


QString text() const
void setText(const QString &text)

Get or set the plain text content of the label.

When set the shortcut is also reset.

When the content of the label was most recently set using setMarkup() the returned text is empty.

QString markup() const
void setMarkup(const QString &markup)

Get or set the text content of the label using markup.

When set the shortcut is also reset, if the markup contains a mnemonic it is setup as new shortcut.

When the content of the label was most recently set using setText() the returned markup is empty.

Tui::ZWidget *buddy() const
void setBuddy(Tui::ZWidget *buddy)

The “buddy” of a label is a related widget for which the label displays the focus and which inputting the shortcut of the label will focus.